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The easy foot control for any mains appliance





Make getting to those hard to reach sockets a thing of the past with our clever Foot Switch. Simply plug the main unit into the socket and place the robust foot control in a convenient position to operate any appliance.


With a generous 1.6 metre lead, the Foot Switch can be placed just where you need it – whether running under the sofa or from behind that awkward sideboard. Useful LED indicators let you know at a glance when the power is on.




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The Foot Switch is a great solution for anyone with reduced mobility and includes a useful adhesive pad to allow the control to be wall mounted.

Invaluable anywhere your hands may be full, wet or messy and ideal as an instant-off ?Eco button? to avoid those power-hungry standby modes – you’ll wonder how you ever coped without one.

Voltage: 240v 5-Hz
Current: 13A

Weight 10 kg

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