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BioFeedBac Sciaticure Wrap-Sciatic Stop


Targets Sciatic Nerve Pain
 Fast Pain Relief
 Reduce Lumbar Pain
 Adjustable to your leg
 Developed by an expert
 Designed in the UK


The Biofeedback Sciaticure Wrap is a band which is worn on the leg, just below the knee. It works by putting pressure on the sciatic nerve which has shown to reduce pain caused by sciatica.

The Sciatic nerve starts at the lower spine and passes down the leg into the sole of the foot.
The Sciaticure works in the same way as acupressure, by adding pressure to the right area, it blocks the signals travelling along the nerve which helps reduce sciatica pain.
It can also relieve pain in the lumbar region up to the shoulders.

The Sciaticure leg wrap is placed around the top of the calf, below the knee and fastened with an adjustable Velcro strap.
You then tighten the wrap so that you can feel the pressure pad pushing on the back of your leg.
If you start to feel a hot/tingling sensation or numbness in your lower leg, it is on too tightly and will need to be loosened.

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