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2000W Bionic Weed Burner


  • Electric weed killer removes weeds at 650°C
  • Powerful thanks to the 2000W power
  • Heats up in just 1 minute
  • Conical attachment for easy, selective and long-lasting weed killing
  • Lightweight handle, ergonomic handle and unique guide wheels
  • Can also be used to remove paint and varnish
  • Product size: 102 x 13 x 13 cm (assembled)
The Bionic Burner 650 ° weed burner

Would you like to control weeds in an environmentally friendly way? Then the Bionic Burner weed burner is ideal for you.
The electric weed killer effectively and permanently destroys all weeds using a 650 °C hot air jet.
The Bionic Burner works without a gas cartridge and is free of chemicals, which makes it a very environmentally friendly weed killer.
The secret of the weed burner is that the innovative cone nozzle directs a 650 °C jet of hot air precisely at the most sensitive part of the plant, destroying the unwanted growth of weeds right down to the roots.

Even though the leaves on the surface remain green for the time being, the weeds die within hours and can then simply be swept away.

Multifunctional burner of 2000 watts

The weed killer can be called powerful with a power of 2000 watts and easily kills any type of weed.
In addition, the Hammersmith Bionic Burner is easy to use, because the weed burner is heated up in just 1 minute.
In addition, the device – thanks to the wheels – simply slides over the terrace.
It can also be used multifunctionally as a lighter for fireplaces or the BBQ, for burning away paint or varnish and removing snow, sleet on stairs and sidewalks.

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