Multi-function; Play 33s, 45s and 78s vinyl, CDs, DAB/FM radio, cassettes or MP3s via the AUX, and record and transfer music via USB/SD
Works as an alarm; Features an easy to operate wake up alarm with snooze function
Included speakers; Whether through the 5W record player speaker or via headphones, you can be sure to get a wonderful listening experience
Playback capacity; Up to 60 MP3 tracks or 30 CD tracks can be programmed and played in any order allowing you to set up your favourite playlists
Guarantee; 24-month guarantee

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From vinyl to cassettes to CDs, this all-in-one midi hi-fi music system can play your favourite music in almost any format. This comprehensive music system includes a turntable for all your 33s, 45s and 78s, a double cassette deck to allow tape-to-tape recording, single CD player, an FM and DAB radio and a crystal-clear LCD display with blue backlight. There’s even an aux-in connection so that you can play your MP3s through the stereo speakers included.

The music system features a wake-up alarm with snooze function and timer and operation is simple with the handy remote control that’s included. Up to 60 MP3 tracks or 30 CD tracks can be programmed and played in any order allowing you to set up your favourite playlists.

The midi hi-fi music system allows direct USB and SD recording for CD, cassette, turntable, aux-in and radio, meaning that you can record and transfer songs and albums to your computer from the music system.

Music centre dimensions: H33 x W32 x D29cm
Speaker cable length: 90cm
Speakers Dimensions: H27.5 x W16 x D15cm
Weight: 8kg
33/45/78 RPM selectable turntable
Automatic/manual stop turntable
Belt driven system
Programmable CD/MP3 player
Double cassette deck
Direct USB/SD recording for CD, turntable, cassette, DAB and FM radio and AUX
AUX for connection of other devices e.g. CD/MP3 player
UDB/SD slot
DAB/PLL FM radio
Clock alarm/timer/sleep functions
RCA line-out
45rpm adaptor and remote control
Power saving

Weight10 kg

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