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MultiBand Radio


Portable 7-Band Radio.
Telescopic aerial (1.07m).
Carry handle.
Large dual speed Fast and Fine Tuning Control.
Headphone Socket.
230V AC mains lead supplied, or 6V DC adaptor or battery compatible

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Steepletone MBR1051 Portable Radio World Receiver AC/DC Multiband High Sensitivity 7 – Band World Receiver with FineTune Control – FM/AIR/MB/MW/LW/SW1/SW2.

Turn back the hands of time and listen to your favourite radio shows with this retro radio. The Steepletone MBR1051 Multiband Portable Radio World Receiver is as stylish as it is fashionable.

Among the highlights in the radio’s feature include its aC/DC multi – band and high sensitivity 7 – band world receiver. You can utilize it well to catch FM/AIR/MB/MW/LW/SW1/SW2 signals without any hassle. The radio also comes equipped with a six – section telescopic aerial (1. 07m).

The carry handle makes it convenient to bring anywhere you go. The handle itself is contained in a vinyl cover with Velcro closure so it’s really sturdy and looks very attractive. More than that, you will be surprised that the open handle cover can be adjusted in great length if you want to use it as a shoulder strap.

There’s also a large dual speed fast and fine tuning control that functions for your listening pleasure. In addition, you have the rotary controls for on/off/volume, as well as tuning and bass which comes with a blue LED back light.

Other than that, you have the 2 – band selector slide switches and the analogue dial scale. It even comes with a headphone socket in case you want to use it for some private listening experience.

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