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Ultra Vue – Magnifying Glasses


Make even the smallest things visible with these magnifying lightweight glasses with LED lights.
160% magnification

Clear and sharp vision, the glasses magnify 1.6x
Two built-in LED lights for good visibility in the dark
Flexible, lightweight and comfortable
Can be worn over your own glasses or contact lenses
Including glasses case, USB charging cable and manual

See bigger, clearer and sharper

Do you struggle to read the fine print, perform precision work or would you like to see more during a repair? Then the Ultra Vue magnifying glasses are the tool you are looking for. These glasses have magnifying glasses and are equipped with handy built-in LED lights, with which you can see everything better, larger and clearer, even in low light.

Handy glasses that magnify everything 1.6x

The Ultra Vue glasses magnify up to a maximum of 160% and can be worn over normal glasses or contact lenses. You instantly see objects larger, making difficult tasks such as threading a needle or reading small print that much easier. Plus, you can read without extra light or work in low-light areas without straining your eyes thanks to the built-in LED lights.

Glasses with rechargeable lights

The loop glasses are scratch resistant and offer excellent sharpness. The design is ergonomic, sturdy and comfortable to use. You can also easily charge the lights in the glasses thanks to the included USB cable. The glasses are charged in just 30 minutes and you can enjoy extra light for another 3 hours. See everything clearly again and enjoy the little things with the Ultra Vue magnifying glasses!

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