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High Vision LED Desk Light – White


Our second generation of LED reading lights
Enjoy top quality light from this contemporary lamp available in a range of sophisticated colours.
Generating over 400 lumens of light with a colour temperature equivalent to noon daylight, this lamp is ideal for reading and hobbies.
The versatile gooseneck allows you to ensure the light is shining from exactly the right direction and angle, while the floodlight effect helps eliminate shadows.
This lamp also features a touch control with three stage dimming.

Availability: In stock

  • Contemporary desk light with a sophisticated design in a range of colours.
  • Floodlight effect LED array generating over 400 lumens of light with just 5W power consumption, reducing shadow and eliminating flicker.
  • A versatile gooseneck and colour temperature equivalent to noon daylight (6,400 kelvin) is deal for reading and hobbies.
  • Includes three stage touch dimming and stands at 38cm tall, complete with cable mounted switch.

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