Ctone Hearing Test


Think you might have hearing loss?

Try our online hearing test – it only takes a few minutes. The test will help you decide if you would benefit from hearing devices.

We recommend that you take the test in a quiet environment, preferably using headphones rather than your built-in speakers.

The hearing test will let you know whether you have:

  • • Normal Hearing
  • • Mild Hearing Loss
  • • Problematic hearing loss (where you might need to contact a hearing professional)

Please enter your details below and click “Begin your Hearing Test“.

Now click the “Begin Test” button.

Use the Volume Slider to adjust the volume of each frequency until you can hear it, then click “Next“.

Once you have finished all 16 hearing tone tests, you will be redirected to the Results page where you can see your diagnosis in a graph which will help determine the best course of action:




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