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RFID Blocking Card – Set of 2


Simply place the card in your wallet for complete card protection

  • Anti-theft blocking card (pack of 2).
  • All RFID tags within a 5cm radius of the card are shielded from scanning attempts.
  • No battery required and lasts forever.
  • No need to change your current wallet/purse.
  • Suitable for bank cards, key cards, phones and keyless car fobs.

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Savisto RFID Blocking Card Protector

Get an easy and instantly effective way to block card scanning intrusion attempts with this smart-signal blocking card from Savisto. Simply insert it in your wallet and all RFID cards within 2.5cm of each side of it are made safe from skimming attempts.

How It Works

A wide range of items rely on RFID (radio frequency identification) technology – including contactless bank cards, key-less entry systems – and even passports. Unfortunately, it is possible for criminals with access to a reader and encryption tool to read a card, extract the information on it and use this to skim a linked account or steal personal data.

This blocking card automatically scrambles signals sent out by card readers, stopping your data from being unlawfully accessed and exploited.

No batteries required! The blocker operates by way of a simple combination of antenna and receiver. Just slip this card into your wallet and it works instantly!

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