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Biovit Turmeric, Honey and Vitamin C Tablets


The Turmeric, Honey and Vitamin C tablets contain actives including curcumin and flavonoids. Each tablet contains 285mg of high strength turmeric. This supplement has been created to support both normal immune and joint health. Vitamin C forms collagen and promotes normal cartilage function. Each pack contains 60 tablets.

Biovit’s New and Improve Turmeric and Honey now contains Vitamin C. This product is one of our best-sellers because of how powerfully beneficial it is. Not only is the addition of Vitamin C new, but this formulation now contains 285mg of Turmeric per tablet and 5.42mg of Curcuminoids.

Health Benefits
Our Turmeric, Honey and Vitamin C tablet have been formulated in order to improve both joint and immune health – all in one tablet! Vitamin C has been shown to contribute to the normal function of the immune system whilst protecting cells from oxidative stress. We all turn to vitamin C in times of coughs and sniffles in order to support a healthy immune system. Combine this with the soothing properties of honey (propolis) during a challenging time for our immune system.

In addition to this, Vitamin C plays an important role in the structural components of the joint, by contributing to the production of collagen, and maintenance of normal cartilage function. Collagen and cartilage are involved in joint structure, stability and cushioning. Smaller scientific studies have found that Turmeric, and specifically Curcumin, can perform anti-inflammatory actions and contribute to joint health.

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