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  • Handsfree function with backlighted keys
  • 6 one-touch photo buttons
  • 2 direct memories (M1, M2)
  • Large dialing keys with braille dots
  • Large backlighted incoming call indicator
  • compatible
  • 1 last number redail
  • Flash “R” key
  • Audio boost earpiece volume (+30db)
  • Extra loud ringtone
  • 8 handsfree volume levels

Swissvoice is a recognised European brand within the telecommunication industry that specialise in enhancing and simplifying communication solutions for the hard of hearing and the elderly. Products include innovative, high-quality home telephones, mobile phones and accessories.

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Swissvoice are known to produce simple, easy to use telephones, such as the Xtra 1110, a corded, amplified desk phone with photo buttons and large keypad.
Designed for the hard of hearing and the elderly, this phone is compatible with an adjustable hands-free option.
The process of calling your closest friends and family is made simple with six photo one-touch buttons, including an SOS function that is available in times of emergency.
Pictures of your chosen contacts can be displayed on the phone to act as a visual prompt. A further two direct memory buttons are also available.
The Xtra 1110 is super loud maximising the opportunity for you to communicate freely.
With an adjustable ringer volume of 85dB and an audio boost handset volume of up to 30dB you can select a level that reflects your specific hearing needs.

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