Relaxing Eye Massager With Nature Sounds


The eye massager acts as a vibration masseur, provide warmth and provide repeated pressure on acupuncture points near the eyes.
The product has built-in soft nature sounds and relaxes your body during the massage.
The product looks like glasses, feels comfortable, has a special appearance and is suitable for all ages.
The eye massager can help with migraines or relief from eye pain, puffiness and wrinkles.

This product has a health function, is suitable for young people with myopia. Suitable for students at school, employees who work with the eyes for a long time and work with computers, writers, accountants, people with visual impairment, people who sit in front of a computer or TV for a long time, people who stay up late, overuse of eyes and elderly people who feel uncomfortable with the eyes.

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Product features

The eye massager has the following functions:

Vibration: massage ball vibration, knocking: simulate massage, vibration, knocking, rolling and other different traditional massage techniques at various important acupuncture points near the eyes.

Heat: accelerates blood circulation to the eyes.

Heating and vibration, repeated massage on acupuncture points of the eyes with combined means.

Use a soft silicone gel to improve comfort.

Built-in charging battery


15 minute cycle.

Built-in soft nature sounds, feel the feel of nature

Product feature

This product provides massage and heat at a certain vibration amplitude and frequency to accelerate blood circulation to the eyes and illuminate the eyes of the user.

3 years warranty


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