Openwear Wearable Bluetooth Wireless Sound Gear


Are you always listening to music, but hate wearing headphones or earphones? Incorporating the latest technology the Steepletone Openwear gives you the best of both worlds, this wearable stereo speaker allows for convenience and comfort, without any wires. You can have an immersive headphone listening experience but be open to the outside world, with the two built-in 3W RMS speakers.

Using Bluetooth Connectivity or the built-in FM radio, you can listen to music on the go, comfortably as the light-weight speaker, with matt rubber effect for anti-slip, rests on your shoulders. The sound is full and clear for your personal listening and yet minimises the sound for others. Furthermore, you can listen to music using dual pairing technology to connect to MP3 and SD playback.


In addition, you can use the Steepletone Openwear for hands-free and ear-free calling via Bluetooth with the built-in microphone. Which makes this perfect for on the go. The Steepletone Openwear is ultra-compact, portable and has a universal comfort fit. And the Steepletone Openwear speaker has a 4-hour battery life, with a micro USB charging cable supplied. Finally, the Steepletone Openwear is available in black and grey.

So be surrounded in sound, with the Steepletone Openwear Wearable Wireless Stereo Speaker Soundwear. Put them on and you need never take them off, as you listen to music, answer calls and even use Bluetooth connectivity to take to Siri. Furthermore, the Steepletone Openwear speaker gives you freedom from the hassle of switching from multiple devices, for music or answering calls. So you’ll never imagine a day without them again!


  • Bluetooth Connectivity for music or sound Playback – version 4.1
  • Built-in FM Analogue Radio
  • Ultra-compact portable, wearable personal stereo speaker
  • Oval shape
  • 2 speakers 3W RMS(rated power)
  • Audio Frequency of 87.5~108MHZ
  • Hands free & ear free calling – with a built-in microphone
  • Dual pairing technology to allow both to connect to one device TF (micro SD card ) playback
  • MP3, WAV & WMA format music playback
  • Colour fabric finish
  • Matt Rubber effect for anti-slip on base
  • Allows user to have immersive headphone listening experience but be open to the outside world
  • Universal comfortable fit
  • Recharge lithium battery(1100mAh)- up to 4-hour battery life
  • Lightweight (280g)
  • Micro USB charging cable supplied

Black Fabric, Grey Fabric

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