• Reduce back pain; The innovative design both improves postures and reduces back pain by offering compression and support
    • Clinically proven; Over 30 years of clinical research using the patented technology; drug-free, no batteries, no magnets, no electronics and pace maker friendly.
    • Lightweight; So compact and light weight it weighs only 250g
    • Adjustable; Fits waist size from 22” up to 55” and easily adjusts using Velcro
    • Discreet; So discreet it can be worn under clothing day or night and the unisex design makes it perfect for both men and women




Improve posture and reduce pain with the robust Lumbros back support belt, developed in the UK by spinal expert Professor Malcolm Pope. Incorrect posture can lead to your muscles and joints working harder to re-align your spine resulting in back pain. Receptors in your muscles, joints and ligaments sense tension and report this back to the brain. The brain will then signal those muscles to contract or relax, the Biofeedback belt uses this internal system to its advantage, re-educating your muscles, this drug-free solution uses the latest sports science knowledge in your own home. 


Using specially designed sensory pads either side of the spinal column, your back muscles are stimulated to encourage re-alignment automatically returning your spine to its most natural position. Lumbros Biofeedbac™ technology has been proven in clinical trials by the leading institute for spinal disease and injury to be effective at reducing back pain and preventing further back damage.

6” at its deepest point
Fits waist size from 22” up to 55”.
Unisex design
Velcro fastening
Weighs only 250g
Perfect for men and women

Weight 10 kg

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