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  • This 3-in-1 kit contains everything young scientists need to explore the world around them
  • 50mm refractor telescope perfect for viewing terrestrial and celestial objects
  • Microscope offers up to 900x magnification and accessory kit
  • 4×30 binoculars

The universe is full of wonderful things to discover. And with this 3-in-1 science kit, your young explorer will be able to see them all—from microbes in a drop of pond water to the rings of Saturn!

50mm Refractor Telescope

Grab the 50mm telescope and enjoy views of the Moon and planets! Choose your preferred magnification level with two included eyepieces offering 60x and 120x magnification. This refractor comes with a full height tripod, altazimuth mount, finderscope, star diagonal, and two eyepieces (5mm and 10mm).

4×30 Binocular

Enjoy an afternoon outside and take in Mother Nature with these binoculars designed to provide comfortable viewing for smaller hands and faces. The binocular features 4x magnification, the perfect boost in power for nature observation, sporting events, sightseeing and more. Your young observer will be taking it along and making discoveries everywhere. No matter how they choose to observe, this versatile binocular is an excellent all-around performer.


For exploring the microscopic world, this powerful microscope offers 150x, 450x, and 900x magnification to view the smallest of subjects.  It comes with blank slides and a full set of tools that allow researchers to create their own specimens. Get ready to go under the microscope!

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