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Amplified Cordless Phone with Answering Machine


The large, backlit buttons make for easy dialing and the built-in, digital answering machine will record and playback messages at a speed that works for you. Compared to a standard phone, the PowerTel 2780 offers extra amplification and is fully hearing aid compatible for those with telecoil settings turned on.
With just one click, you can contact your two closest friends using the direct dial memory buttons supplied. There’s even an integral phone book with room to store up to 100 additional contacts and an ECO mode to help achieve optimum efficiency.

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For your added convenience, the PowerTel 2780 can operate with up to four additional handsets, and comes with a manufacturer warranty of 24 months.


PowerTel 2780 Main Features:


    • Up to 40dB voice amplification
    • Big button DECT Phone
    • Optical Alarm for incoming call
    • Hearing Aid Compatibility
    • 2 direct-dial memory buttons (M1, M2)
    • Built-in, digital answering machine with extra large keys
    • ECO Mode
    • 4-line extra large LCD (dot matrix 40 x 32 mm, two lines of numbers and letters, one line of symbols and one line with date/time) 
    • The audio assistant allows the user to improve the sound quality and increase the volume during the call
    • Equalizer with 4 settings (natural, treble1, treble2, bass)
    • Hands-free handset
    • Playback of messages or vocal memo can be slowed down by pressing ‘slow key’
    • Telephone book with 100 entries
    • 10 standard ringtones on the receiver / 6 volume levels
    • Menu in 7 languages (DE, GB, FR, ES, IT, NL, TR)
    • Up to 100 hours on standby / Up to 10 hours of continuous use
    • Charge indicator
    • Redial


Base Features:

    • Answering machine with extra large keys
    • Up to 30 min recording time
    • Remote interrogation with PIN code
    • Time and date stamping of messages
    • 2-digit LED message counter
    • 5 different ringtones
    • 5 different levels + mute


Weight 10 kg

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