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Zyliss E920249 Comfort Chopping Board And Knife 4 Piece Set


? Set of 4 includes: 8.5 cm/3.25 Inch Paring Knife, 10.5 cm/4 Inch Serrated Paring Knife, 13 cm/5.25 Inch Utility Knife made from high quality Japanese Stainless Steel together with a (L)400mm x (W)240mm versatile Chopping Board with non-slip feet for added safety

? Contoured handle designed for maximum comfort and to suit any hand size and grip style. The flat bolster allows a firm grip and the non-slip handle provides control even with wet hands

? All Comfort knives features a taper ground Japanese Stainless steel blade, proven to retain its cutting edge, staying sharper for longer* (*against an equal material grade of Zyliss SS knives). Designed to last, the robust Japanese stainless steel can withstand even the toughest of produce.

? Comes with blade sheaths for safe in-drawer knife storage that also protects the blade when not in use

? Dishwasher safe

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The 4 Piece Board and Knife set is the essential cutting kit for any kitchen. Prepare a complete meal using the large board and essential knives provided in this kit. Keep fingers safe with the handy blade covers for each of the three knives. Ideal for storing knives in a kitchen drawer when not in use and for protecting the blades too.

The knives in the kit feature 15-degree taper ground Japanese stainless-steel blades that glide through even the toughest of produce, with ergonomic handles designed for ultimate comfort and agility in everyday use. The handles fit perfectly in the hand and feature flat bolsters that allow a firm grip in use. The finger indent on top of the handles provides a comfortable position for placing the index finger when slicing with precision.

Focusing on functionality, durability, design, cleanliness and safety, Zyliss has relied upon a heritage of excellence that began in Switzerland over sixty years ago. Building on this time-held tradition, the brand has advanced to produce and distribute kitchen equipment that is world-renowned. Zyliss has pioneered the design of more than 200 kitchen essentials, with quality and engineering that cannot be duplicated.

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