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Zyliss Cook E980139 Ultimate Saucepan 18cm / 2L


? Material: Aluminium
? Finish type: Non-Stick
? Brand: Zyliss
? Colour: Black
? Capacity: 2 litres
? Item dimensions: L35 x W18 x H10cm
? Item weight: 1.12 Kilograms

SKU: E980139 Category:


The Zyliss Cook Saucepans designed to make everyday use a pleasure. Also offering the ultimate non-stick performance, the swiss engineered 3-layer coating is also metal tool safe. The saucepans offer a healthy way of cooking with no oil or butter needed. With a robust forged aluminium construction that ensures even heat distribution, you can rest assured that these pans won’t let you down.

Washing up is no fear with the Zyliss Cook Saucepans. Don’t worry about having to soak these saucepans, the non-stick coating means any residue food will wash off. Ideal for when entertaining guests and cleaning sticky custards or caramel sauces are the last things on your mind.


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