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Warmlite WL46021 Mable 2KW Compact Stove Fire – Black


? 2 Heat settings: 1000W and 2000W
? Compact Design ideal for smaller spaces
? Realistic Flame Effect
? Adjustable Thermostat Control
? Overheat Protection
? Thermal cut-off
? No Installation required
? Product Dimensions: H41.5cm W36.5cm D24cm

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Heat up your home in no time with this compact, stylish stove fire. The coil wire element allows for a rapid heat up process, while 2 heat settings and an adjustable thermostat allow you to easily find and select your desired temperature. The lightweight, stylish free-standing design makes this stove ideal for any room, while the realistic flame effect creates an eye-catching visual feature when in use. The stove fire is complete with a thermal cut-off feature, which gives you added peace of mind when in use.

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