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Vibration Leg Trainer


Improves blood circulation and reduces varicose veins;
Helps with restless and painful legs and feet;
Acupressure massage heads are optional to use;
Choice of 5 programs and 20 speeds;
Easy to operate with the supplied remote control.

The Vibration Leg Trainer gives you a relaxing and pain-relieving foot massage, allowing restless legs to relax. Thanks to the vibration system, perfectly tuned to the sole of your feet, pain in tired legs and feet is relieved, blood circulation is improved and the strength in your muscles increases. It also relieves discomfort caused by varicose veins. Thanks to the 20 speeds and 5 different programs, you can set the device to your liking. Moreover, as an extra relaxation, you can turn on the acupressure massage heads for a relaxing foot massage. With the remote control you can easily adjust the speed, intensity and program without having to get up.

The massage device is suitable for people of all ages. With the Vibration Leg Trainer you keep your body moving without too much effort. Put your legs on the leg massager and let the device work for you. This way your muscles become firmer, varicose veins are reduced and blood circulation is also improved.

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