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TV3500 Lightweight Wireless TV Listener


Lightweight wireless TV listener with powerful sound and an out-of-box solution for an immediate and easy connection without cable.

Availability: Only 2 left in stock

Maximum comfort thanks to a lightweight TV listener (61gr) and orientable extra-soft earbuds for hours of listening
Immediate and super easy connection without cable, thanks to a built-in base microphone that captures the sound of the TV or the Hifi.
OR: connection with optical audio cable (TOSLINK) or audio cable (Jack 3.5mm) for high definition stereo sound (cables supplied)
Loud volume (up to 125dB) and R/L balance adjustment with remote control. Ideal for seniors and hearing impaired
4 sound profiles to choose the quality sound that suits you best
Advanced technology to enha

nce voices and reduce TV background noise
Microphone key to join conversations around you at the press of a button
Automatic sleep mode to save battery
Interference free numerical DECT technology
(1.8 – 1.9 GHz)

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