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Turbo Scrub Cleaning Brush


300 revolutions per minute
Lightweight: only 0.9 kg
Wireless and rechargeable
60 minutes of non-stop use with a full battery
Extendable handle up to 120 cm
Different brushes
Chargeable battery

With the Turbo Scrub cleaning brush, your house will be completely clean in no time! The Turbo Scrub cleans even the smallest, most difficult places for you.

You know it: those hard-to-reach places, for example in the bathroom, where you just can’t get to. That is now a thing of the past! With the Turbo Scrub cleaning brush you get even the smallest nooks and crannies spotlessly clean. Moreover, you can easily reach everything thanks to the long handle, which can be extended up to 1.2 meters!

The Turbo Scrub scrub brush has a rotating head that does all the cleaning work for you. The brush can be used both indoors and outdoors and easily removes limescale, soap residues, grease stains and other dirt. The cleaning brush comes with 3 different brush heads, each with its own function: the corner brush for hard-to-reach corners, the multifunctional brush for larger surfaces and the intensive-use brush for the most difficult stains on tiles, sinks and the like.

Cleaning becomes an easy job with the Turbo Scrub cleaning brush!

The Turbo Scrub Basic package contains:

Extension stem
Brush for intensive use
Multi-purpose brush
Corner brush

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