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Tower T17002 2300W 3 Litre Easy Clean Deep Fryer


? Oil capacity of 3.0ltrs
? Adjustable thermostat for accurate cooking
? Multi-function handle with lifting system
? Basket can be raised and lowered while lid is closed
? Large observation window
? Safety interlock and press release button to open lid
? 30 min mechanical timer
? Detachable enamel oil pot for easy cleaning
? Removable lid with carbon odour filter
? Light indicator

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This Deep Fat Fryer is fantastic for cooking fried family favourites with its large 3 litre capacity capable of making up to 6 portions in one go. The adjustable thermostat allows you to cook ingredients accurately, while the durable frying basket is ideal for frying smaller foods such as scampi or chicken pieces. A large viewing window lets you safely monitor your food as it cooks, while the 30-minute mechanical timer ensures perfect results every time. The Deep Fat Fryer offers trouble-free cooking compared to a traditional deep fryer, providing a removable lid and detachable non-stick enamel oil pot for an easier clean. Its folding handle with lifting system lets you lift the frying basket out of the oil without removing the lid for safe and simple handling. Unpleasant fryer odours are also prevented due to its built-in carbon filter, keeping your kitchen smelling fresh after you’ve finished cooking.

The spacious 3 litre oil capacity is perfect for family cooking, allowing you to make up to 6 portions of crispy chips, chicken or onion rings
Select a suitable temperature for your ingredients and set the 30-minute mechanical timer to achieve accurate results every time

Provides a clear view of your food so you can easily monitor it during the cooking process

Lifting system with folding handle lets you lift the frying basket out of the oil without removing the lid for safer handling, while the large viewing window allows you to safely monitor food as it cooks with the lid kept closed

Built-in filter prevents cooking smells being released from food as you fry, keeping your kitchen odour-free

Comes with a standard 1-year guarantee, extending by an additional 2 years once you register the product online

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