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If you are seeking the perfect combination of a flexible, cordless handset with a base unit offering four photo buttons, then the amplified Xtra 2155 from Swissvoice is worth a closer look. A large backlit display screen with caller ID enables you to stay in control of who you talk to, along with a call blocking function so you can blacklist up to 100 numbers. Dialling is made easy with the talking keypad and large, tactile buttons while keeping in contact with those closest to you is made simple, with four photo memory buttons on the base. Fully compatible, the Xtra 2155 is super loud, with a ringer volume of up to 90dB and an audio boost volume of up to 30dB. The integral answering machine offers up to 30 minutes of messages that can be played back slowly.

We are pleased to now also provide it in a pre-paired twin pack, which offers a significant saving too. This Duo set consists of the base unit with a ready paired extra handset

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  • Large backlit display (2 line dot matrix)
  • 4 photo memories on base
  • Easy dailing thanks ot the large keypad
  • Talking digit keypad (7 languages selectable)
  • Extra loud ringer (up to 90db)
  • Audio boost for extra loud earpiece volume (up to +30db)
  • Ringer with Caller ID announcment* (on 4 photo memories)
  • 30 min answering machine with slow play messages
  • Call blocking function with 100 black list*
  • compatible
  • 9 additional fast-dailing keys
  • Works in case of power outage with basic calling function (powered by handset batteries)
  • 100 Phonebook memories
  • 10 Voice alarm reminders

* Subject to availability of services and subscriber options offered by telecome provider.

Swissvoice is a recognised European brand within the telecommunication industry that specialise in enhancing and simplifying communication solutions for the hard of hearing and the elderly. Products include innovative, high-quality home telephones, mobile phones and accessories.

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