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Stellar SEA12 Dual Zone Double Induction Hob ds


• Intuitive Precision Cooking
• Fast & efficient, only the pan is heated, not the hob
• Fast Frying – 220°c in seconds!
• 8 accurate temperature settings from 80°C to 220°C
• Easy to clean: no external controls. Spillages do not bake on the hob – just wipe with a damp cloth!
• Single or multiple units can be inset into a kitchen work top – simply plug into standard plug
• Stellar 2 Year Electrical Guarantee

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Under the ceramic plate on a Stellar Induction Hob there is an electric coil that creates a magnetic field and the induction current generated causes heat to build in any cookware that has a magnetic base.

Cookware can be easily tested with a fridge magnet to verify that its base can be magnetised: cookware without compatible bases such as aluminium and ceramic cannot be used. Virtually all cookware in the Stellar and Judge ranges is induction friendly.

With a Stellar Portable Induction Hob only the pan becomes hot to cooking temperature – the ceramic plate remains relatively cool. Pan heating is extremely fast, and can be instantly stopped. Less electrical power is needed to cook.

A Stellar Portable Induction Hob is a valuable additional cooking facility when the kitchen is at its busiest, useful for keeping food warm and ideal for student, caravan and senior citizen use.

A Stellar Portable Induction Hob will be easy to clean with a soapy damp cloth – no food spillage will bake onto the ceramic, as it remains relatively cool.

Stellar 2 Year Electrical Guarantee
By choosing Stellar, you choose professionalism, top quality and expertise. Our award-winning customer service ensures outstanding after-purchase support and gives you extra peace of mind

• Code: SEA12
• Wattage: 3100W
• Weight: 5,000g
• Height: 16.0cm
• Width: 33.0cm
• Length: 55.0cm

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