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Side Sleeper Pro – Memory Foam Pillow


  • Pillow for side sleepers ensures correct posture during sleep
  • Ergonomic support for neck, head and back
  • The correct position gives you more air and prevents snoring
  • Side sleeper pillow has a memory foam filling that adjusts to your body
  • Special hole for your ear, for an even more comfortable night’s sleep
  • Includes pillowcase
The J-shaped pillow for a good night’s sleep

Is a good night’s sleep becoming impossible? Does snoring keep you awake all night? Well, thanks to the revolutionary Side Sleeper Pro Memory Foam, this is history. With this special side sleeper pillow, a good night’s sleep is within reach. The famous J-shaped pillow was invented by a chiropractor more than 15 years ago and since then millions of Side Sleepers have been sold all over the world. The pillow is designed to ensure that people sleep in a normal side position, which allows them to sleep well during the night and wake up rested.

A pillow specially designed for side sleepers

Sleeping sideways on a standard pillow causes your head to tilt forward, which – due to the curvature of the vertebrae – puts pressure on the neck and shoulders. The famous pillow ensures that your head, neck and vertebrae lie in a natural line. It pushes your back into the correct position, resulting in a great night’s sleep. Moreover, this correct sleeping position relieves the pressure on the neck and clears the airways, resulting in: less snoring!

The famous pillow for side sleepers is now 20% larger than before. Moreover, the filling has been replaced by a memory foam filling. The memory foam moulds itself to your body, so that it feels as if the pillow was made especially for you.

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