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Root Slayer – Handheld


  • Garden shovel with a specially shaped blade with sharp blade edges for extra strength
  • Multifunctional: digging, sawing, uprooting, moving and planting
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Weight of the scoop: 3 KG
  • Includes storage pouch
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The Root Slayer is a hand-sized garden shovel with a specially shaped blade. The shovel has a trapeze shape and has ultra-sharp teeth on both sides.
This gives you extra power to push the plant trowel deep into the soil.
Even if the ground is dry and hard.
Moreover, the shovel is razor sharp and therefore multifunctional.
You can effortlessly uproot, cut, move and replant plants and flowers.

The garden shovel is made of sturdy carbon steel and is very durable, ideal for frequent use.
Despite the steel, the shovel remains lightweight and easy to handle thanks to its compact size.

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