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Riddex Indoor Pest Control


  • An animal-friendly way of combating vermin
  • Pest control with ultrasound technology
  • Works against mice, silverfish, cockroaches and even flies and mosquitoes
  • Plug the device into a power socket and the entire floor (+/- 185 m²) becomes vermin-free

Do you also hate pests such as silverfish, cockroaches or mice and do you want to get rid of them?
Let the Riddex Original fight the vermin. This revolutionary product is based on a technology that uses digital electromagnetic pulses that are transported through the electrical wiring in the walls of your home to reach places where cockroaches, spiders, rats and mice live and breed.

It is a handy device that you only have to plug into the socket, the Riddex starts sending digital pulses through the wiring in the walls. Place one Riddex in the socket and that is enough for an entire floor of a single-family house, an apartment or a flat. Due to the ultrasound technology, it also repels flies and mosquitoes.

The Riddex is much more effective than other products because it uses good technology. The Riddex is an environmentally friendly solution for vermin. Riddex can simply be used in the presence of children, dogs and cats. It is safe for the whole family.

ATTENTION: Riddex Original should not be used when owning small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. Riddex gives them an uncomfortable and unpleasant feeling.

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