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Rechargeable Hay Fever and Allergy Reliever


    • Using clinically proven red light therapy, our reliever helps to suppress histamine releasing cells without medication or side effects.

      • Medically approved and clinically proven
      • Helps relieve sneezing, runny or blocked nose and itchy eyes and throat
      • Regular use of two, three minute treatments per day can help build resistance to hay fever and allergic rhinitis
      • Lightweight and portable with USB rechargeable design with 90 treatments from a 2 hour charge.

    Medically approved and clinically provenHelps relieve sneezing, runny or blocked nose and itchy eyes and throat

How does it work?

The allergy reliever uses red light at the 660nm and 940nm wavelenghts to penetrate the lining of the nose. Numerous studies have found that these wavelenghts of light reduce inflamation and have an anti-inflamitory effect. Similarly, a study in 2014 found these wavelengths also significantly helped to reduce pain.

Repeated use of the reliever has been found to have a cumulative benefit, such that over a period of time the user will begin to build up a resistance to hay fever and allergies.

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