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Mamibot V6 Lite Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


? 10,000PA Vacuum suction
? Motorised brush head with LED lights
? Two power settings
? Turbo function
? 22.2v detachable battery
? Up to 50 minutes run time
? One touch operating button
? Motorised mattress & upholstery brush
? 2 in 1 Crevice tool
? Long reach crevice tool
? Wall mounting bracket

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The Mamibot Cordless? V6 Multifunction cordless stick vacuum cleaner, with cleaning heads for hard floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, dusting, dust mite cleaning, mattress cleaning, crevice cleaning, and car vacuuming.

Cordless &multifunctional:
? Easy way of cleaning
? Enjoy house vacuuming

More than convenient:
? Stylish design and easy storing

Longer Working Time:
? Long lasting working for 25-50 minutes with detachable battery pack

Low profile design with multiple purpose cleaning condition:
? Cordless V6 cleans hard floor carpet, curtain, sofa, mattress and more

Light and comfortable:
? Ergonomic handle
? Easy and flexible

Stable power output:
? with normal and strong vacuuming modes in 25-50 min working time

Less Strength required:
? Slightly hold it to vacuum floor in a relaxed way

Change cleaning heads as you need:
? Use different cleaning heads to reach different objects

Dust Mite Cleaning:
? Special designed head for dust mite/mattress vacuuming

Reaches Crevice:
? The 2-in-1 Crevice cleaning head can clean hard-to-reach areas, with a thorough vacuuming result.

Integrated for floor and car vacuuming:
? Prolonged flat nozzle to reach small gaps in your car

Wide operating angle:
? Cordless V6 can be operated in a wide angle of 180 degrees in vertical and 90 degrees in horizontal

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