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Mamibot UVLITE100 UV Dust Mite Mattress Vacuum Cleaner – Cordless


? Professional dust removal
? Suitable for Sterilisation/Cleaning of mattresses, sofas, carpets, curtains and even stuffed toys
? Cordless
? High Frequency Beat function (8000 beats per minute) works to loosen mites from the surface material
? Powerful suction
? U type germicidal lamp
? Long life battery
? Safe and quiet
? Pet Hair Cleaning
? Big suction to remove allergens
? High-precision motor power
? Washable dust box

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Mamibot UVLITE100, new designed cordless mattress cleaner to remove dust mites, pollens, and common bacteria, kills 99.99% mites with patented U-Type UV lamp. It is necessary if you want a real healthy and comfortable family.

UVLITE100 is a great helper
The 9W UV Lamp can kill 99.99% mites, bacteria, or virus, and with 4KPA suction power to get rid of the hard-to-clean materials. The high-precise filter and hepa filter help it to release clean air, avoid second time pollution.

It is really convenient and comfortable to use UVLITE to clean beds, rugs, sofa, curtains….

The cordless design release you from long-cables and uncomfortable cleaning experience.

Generally, it is hard to use traditional vacuum to get dust mite out of beds, but the flapping pads can drive mites off the fabric cloth, since its flapping speed is 8000 times per minute

After being flapped off the fabric cloth, the UV lamp will scan all mites/allergic dust with the 9W UV lamp. It is tested and proved by lab that this UV lamp can kill 99.99% common mites. Though the UV lamp has automatically protection system, we have to warn you that please never try to put the burning UV lamp toward any animal or human being, which may hurt you if being radiated by the lamp.

A protection system with sensors to avoid any injury.
The UV lamp has an indicator light when it is working. It turns off automatically if the cleaner doesn’t cover tight on the to-be-cleaned surface. And it will not work if the surface is not flat enough. Don’t ever put the UV lamp on human being’s or animal’s skin.

You can see the Mamibot UVLITE100 works for you clearly through the transparent dust box..

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