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Judge JEA11 Induction Hob ds


• 10 selectable temperatures from 60°C to 240°C
• Convenient: small, light and portable, for work-top or table use
• Easy to clean
• Judge 2 Year Electrical Guarantee

SKU: 5.01E+12 Category:

– Single Induction Hob – induction cooking heats the pan not the air so high temperatures are reached almost instantly, while and the surface remains relatively cool so it’s a good choice for cooking with kids
– 10 heat settings with timer – very easy to use with simple buttons, a clear LED display and a choice of high temperatures for fast boiling and lower temperatures for reheating, making delicate dishes or keeping food warm
– CONVENIENT, LIGHT AND PORTABLE – perfect to use as an extra countertop cooker or electric hotplate to keep dishes warm at the table and also ideal for students, anyone living alone as well as camper vans and caravanning holidays
– Easy to clean- because induction cooking heats the pans not the hob, the ceramic surface remains relatively cool so spilt food does not burn on and can be simply wiped off at the end of cooking
– 2-year guarantee by Judge Homewares – Judge has been trusted by families all over the world for its traditional family values, high performance products and award-winning customer service.
– Weight: 2,100g
– Height: 5cm, 31cm, 27cm
– Wattage: 2000W

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