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iTek Waterproof Speaker and Handsfree Kit


  • Works with any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Includes built in Mic for hands free calls
  • Continuous work time: 6 hours music and 18 hours talk time
  • Multi-Directional hook for easy placement almost anywhere
  • Comes with a manual and 2 years warranty

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

There’s nothing more annoying than jumping out of the shower to answer an important call, only for it to ring out, leaving you dripping and shivering in the hallway. iTek knows this, which is why it’s invented the Bluetooth-enabled Waterproof Hook-On Shower Speaker – a handy device that allows you to answer calls or stream audio whilst you’re getting clean in the bathroom! Compatible with any Bluetooth device and featuring a 10m range, never again will you miss an urgent call.

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