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HoMedics Double-Barrel Total Body Massager


Your foam roller will be a thing of the past once you use the Double Barrel Total Body Massager. Level-up your recovery by incorporating targeted, high-intensity vibration massage into your routine with 4 vibration intensity levels to choose from.
High-intensity vibration massage
For cordless use
2 Removable Straps
Rechargeable Battery
Draw String Bag Included

For a quick and effective work out recovery
Dual, removeable strap provides ultimate versatility making it easy to use across the body. Double barrel design allows you to massage up and down your back without digging into your spine.
High intensity vibration stimulates blood flow and warms up muscles to encourage a wider range of motion.
Use post exercise to encourage quick recovery and soreness prevention. Use throughout the day to stimulate blood flow,relax muscles, reduce tension, joint stiffness reduction.

High-intensity vibration massage
Removeable straps
Rechargeable battery
With drawstring bag

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