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Groov-e GV-WC03-BK Aura Wireless Charging Station with Bluetooth Speaker & Touch Control LED Desk Lamp – Black


? Powerful 7W stereo speaker output (2x 3.5W)
? Stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device
? Bluetooth v4.2 wireless technology
? 5W Wireless charging panel (Qi standard)
? Bright LED lamp/night light with 3 lighting modes
? Intuitive touch control for lamp
? Mains powered

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The Groov-e Aura lamp features a wireless charging station with a Bluetooth speaker and LED touch control lamp. To pair your Bluetooth enabled device to the speaker make sure the product is connected to power via the DC input. A green light will flash on the wireless charging panel when power is successfully connected. Press and hold the power button for approximately 2 seconds, until you hear a beeping tone. The power will now flash blue and the speaker can be paired. Once paired you will hear a beep for confirmation. The Bluetooth speaker will now be active, and you will be able to play music from your device. The Bluetooth speaker will automatically connect with the paired device the next time you power it on. To enable wireless charging, ensure the product is powered by connecting the DC input. You do not need to switch on the power button to enable wireless charging. Place you wireless charging enabled device on the 5W charging pad to start charging your device. For optimum charging, ensure the device is placed directly on to the charging pad. This product has a touch sensitive light. To enable this, ensure the product is powered by connecting the DC input. There are 4 brightness settings available: off, low, medium and high. Short touch the frame of the product to turn the lamp on. Touch again to go through the various brightness settings.

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