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    • Powerful; 42.7cc engine able to deal with all the soil you need to move


    • Cordless; No dangerous cords to hold you back or trip over


    • Air cooled; Work for longer with the air-cooled engine that won’t overheat


    • Safety switch; Safety switch to ensure you don’t have an accident


    • Guarantee; 24-month guarantee



Prepare the soil ready for gardening this season with this powerful 42.7cc, air cooled, two-stroke single cylinder engine tiller by Garden Gear. Great for digging holes, levelling ground, clearing weeds, working in fertiliser and preparing furrows for sowing. 

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Innovatively designed with the user in mind this tiller features two separate easy grip handles making manoeuvring the machine simple with minimal effort, ensuring the exact patch of soil you want to till is reached without the risk of damaging the surrounding area. The extremely powerful 42.7cc engine drives six robust and study tines through even the toughest ground with ease, ensuring the garden or allotments soil is at its peak to encourage plant, crop and vegetable growth. 

Whether you need to level an area, prepare new ground for planting or just generally break up the soil surface in your borders, the tiller and cultivator will handle most soil types and will do the job in half the time of conventional tools. The tiller will turn over soil up to 20cm deep and 30cm wide in each pass, the more passes you make the finer and lighter the soil granules become. 

Working with machinery can be dangerous, to ensure safety there is a two-point safety switch to prevent accidental start up, the engine is air cooled so the engine wont over heat and there is a blade guard. Thanks to the cordless nature of this tiller there is no need to worry about being close to a power source, allowing more freedom and enjoyment whilst working. Despite having all these amazing features the tiller still only weighs 15kg, making it perfect for almost anyone to use. Simply fill the 1.2 litre petrol fuel tank and get working. 

Fuel tank capacity: 1.2L 
Approximately 60 minutes’ usage per tank 
Weight: 15kg
2 stroke cylinder engine with starter rope
Hand operated throttle with safety on/off switch
20cm cultivating depth
30cm cultivating width 

Weight 10 kg

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