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emporiaSIMPLICITYglam LTE V227-4G_001_UK Senior Mobile Phone



• Extras: Calls automatically answered when the phone is opened
• Features: Easily replaceable battery and IP54 splash resistance
• Emergency Button: Two battery covers (one with an emergency button and one without it)
• LTE: 4G mobile data connectivity
• Integrated: Voice assistant
• Included: Charging cradle and Headset with USB-C plug

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Appreciate and enjoyed by thousands of users, the new improved successor is here. Even better and clearer phone calls thanks to the latest 4G and VoLTE technology. The emporiaSIMPLICITYglam is a phone for everyone who wants a beautiful, easy-to-use flip phone with large keys and who doesn’t need any frills.

Product information
Clamshell: 
Call for Care button: Yes
Colour screen: 
Calendar: 
USB C: 

Bluetooth: 
Screen size: 2.8 ”
Phone book entries: 500
Hearing aid compatibility: 
Desktop Charger: 

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