Emporia SIMPLICITY V27_001_UK Black/Silver Senior Mobile Phone ds


Easy to use 2G dual band bar style GSM
• Extra-large, illuminated buttons with excellent pressure point
• Emergency call function
• Large 2″ screen with easy-to-read font
• Loud and Clear sound
• Suitable for the hard of hearing -HAC: M4 / T4
• Extra function button on the sides
• Charging cradle included

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The emporiaSIMPLICITY is the perfect choice for anyone who simply wants to make calls and send texts as easily as possible. All unnecessary functions have been removed for ease of use
Using the two-inch screen to its full potential, users can change the text size to what suits them best. And the display shows large, clear icons to help in menu navigation. The emporia V27 also benefits from loud and clear sound.
The keypad has large, well separated keys which make entering numbers and letters easy and comfortable. Each key has only one function, again helping with the ease-of-use. Hard keys on both sides of the device include ON/OFF, a torch, an alarm and the SMS text feature.
An emergency call button is located on the back of the device. This feature can be pre-programmed with up to five telephone numbers and if pressed in an emergency, the saved numbers are called automatically until one is answered by a person rather than an answering machine.
Safety and ease-of-use are of great importance at emporia. That is why the emporia CONNECTOR combines a standard micro-USB connector with a guide rail to ensure the cable is always plugged in correctly.
Users also have the option of a desktop charging cradle which makes their phone easy to find, and always ready for use when leaving home.

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