Double Stove Fan with Six Blades


  • Increased air circulation; The twin fan design gives you a total of 6 blades meaning increased and better air circulation
  • Save energy; No need for batteries or mains power, the fan works entirely from the heat produced by your stove
  • Self-regulating; This clever stove fan operates automatically between 60 and 300 degrees Celsius, it regulates its speed depending on the temperature of the stove to ensure you always have the correct warmth generated around the room
  • Lightweight; Made from aluminium and weighing only 800 grams, it also features a safe carry handle
  • Guarantee; 24-month guarantee

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Zennox Double Stove Fan

Warm your home quickly and efficiently with a little help from this cordless, double stove fan with six blades, helping to cut down on your fuel bill. This eco-friendly stove fan has no running costs whatsoever as it uses the heat from your stove to generate the power it needs using a thermoelectric module that powers a fan motor and distributes warmth around the room in no time. The fan is silent in operation and automatically starts and runs faster as the temperature increases.

The double fan design means that you have twice the power and they provide efficient air circulation, meaning that your warm air will circulate effectively around the room.
For best results, the stove fan should be positioned facing forward at the rear of the stove top, as far away from the flue pipe as possible. Designed to be used on the top of freestanding woodstoves with a surface temperature between 60 and 300°C.


As the base of the fan heats up, the metal in the bottom of the unit warms along with a heat sensitive spring; this creates the electrical pulse that turns the blades on. The greater the difference in temperature of the metals, the greater the electrical output, meaning that your fan turns faster the more the stove (and therefore the base of the fan) heats up. Clean with a soft damp cloth after the fan has cooled sufficiently.
Also available to purchase is the Zennox Four Blade Stove Fan.

Dimensions: L30 x W10.5 x H18.5cm
Weight: 800g
Material: Aluminium
Working temperature: 60-300°C
Clean with a soft damp cloth after the fan has cooled sufficiently


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