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Day & Night Vsion HD Glasses


The HD Glasses are night vision goggles and sunglasses in one that have been specially developed to filter bright sunlight, headlights or blue light from cars.

  • Fitover sunglasses with polarizing lenses sharpen vision and counteract bright light
  • Also protects against blue light from car lights
  • Ideal for long car journeys or on the boat
  • Fits over all glasses with a maximum width of 150 mm and a height of 40 mm
  • Filter category 3: the ideal choice for protection against strong sunlight
  • Suitable for men and women

The light of the sun is often bright, but normal sunglasses darken your vision, but the HD Glasses sharpen your vision and counteract bright sunlight. These transfer sunglasses have many advantages. For example, you no longer need expensive prescription sunglasses, because you simply put these sunglasses over your normal glasses! So you can enjoy the protection for your eyes even if you have glasses. This way you don’t have to buy prescription sunglasses, but only the HD Glasses!

This night vision device has been specially developed to protect your eyes against bright light. For example, it is also excellent to use for a car ride in the dark, because the glasses do not darken your vision, but rather sharpen your vision and counteract bright light. Because the safety glasses contain a High Definition lens technology, the glasses offer you 100% UV protection. Using the glasses sharpens your vision, reduces sun glare and improves color and clarity both day and night. Because the glasses also function as safety glasses against the blue light of oncoming cars.


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