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BLACK + DECKER 9 in 1 Steam Mop


Product Description

The BLACK+DECKER 9-in-1 Steam Mop with SteaMitt offers all benefits of steam cleaning and is ideal for pet owners or households with small children and babies. You can clean any sealed surface in your home thanks to the detachable handheld multi-purpose steam cleaner and a range of accessories. The Steam Mop and SteaMitt offer you the ability to maintain your home without the use of chemicals – simply add tap water. The steam produced kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria and germs leaving your home clean and hygienic. Ready to use in 15 seconds, it delivers powerful continuous flow of steam to deep clean any sealed floor in your home. Lightweight and featuring 180 degrees pivoting head, the mop is easy to manoeuvre around the furniture and limits the fatigue to the minimum, while 6 m long cable allows you to reach out further without the need for the extension lead and there is no need to wipe the floor – steam evaporates in seconds leaving floors and other surfaces around your home clean and dry.


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Top features:

– Kills 99% of bacteria and germs to keep your home clean

– Detachable handheld Steambuster to tackle more areas

– Range of accessories to meet your needs

Kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs

The Black & Decker FSMH1351SM-GB 9 in 1 Steam Mop is capable of killing 99% of bacteria and germs without the need for chemicals. As a result, you can keep your home clean with confidence.

Detachable handheld Steambuster

Ideal for cleaning all hard floor types, the FSMH1351SM-GB also features a detachable handheld Steambuster. This can be used to clean bathroom tiles, ovens, glass or even to steam garments, making the appliance a versatile and practical addition to your home.

SteaMitt gives you the power of steam in the palm of your hand, offering a revolutionary way to keep your home clean.

Box Contains

Steam Mop with detachable SteaMitt 1 x SteaMitt accessory 2 x SteaMitt standard pad 1 x Flexible accessories hose 1 x Window squeegee 1 x Small Brush 1 x Tile and grout brush 1 x Microfiber cover for squeegee Manual

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