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Bio Energiser Detox Patches


The natural ingredients include wood vinegar from eucalyptus, bamboo and oak tree sap which has excellent absorbing power, tourmaline, a natural mineral which stimulates the sole’s reflex points with a similar effect to that of a foot reflexology massage and agaricus mushroom, which contains beta-glucan that assists with wellbeing.

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  • Easy to use
  • Goes to work straight away
  • Detox while you sleep
  • Safe to use with heart pacemaker, 100% natural ingredients
  • 10 Patches per Pack (5 day course)

How to Use

i. Either place one on each foot before sleep (or place on desired foot)
ii. Leave on overnight
iii. When waking up – remove the patch (and see the toxins excreted overnight)
iv. Place used patch in bin
v. Detox your body whilst you sleep

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