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Aqua Laser – Coolair Drying Rack


Drying time of clothes up to 50% faster
Cool air is gently circulated along your clothes.
Drying rack can hold up to 15 kilos of clothing

Your laundry will dry outside in no time on a nice spring or summer day. Did you know that the wind plays a major role in this? It blows your clothes faster, as it were. This handy technique is integrated in this handy drying rack.

The revolutionary Coolair drying rack from Aqua Laser allows cool air to gently circulate around your clothes. This shortens the drying time by half, ideal! In addition, the rack protects extremely delicate fabrics such as cashmere, silk, knits, lingerie and more, but the drying tower can also be used well for fabrics such as cotton. After use, the drying rack can also be easily stored.

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