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2200W Indoor/Outdoor Electric Barbecue Grill


Built from stainless steel and featuring non-stick aluminium grill plates, this electric grill is easy to set up and operate. Sturdily built to ensure stability across a variety of surfaces, the grill is ideal for camping, caravanning, garden parties and other social events. Its adjustable thermostat and power-on indicator allow for more efficient and precise grilling, whilst its ridged plates help give each item the authentic grilled look. The grill is also easy to clean, as its non-stick coating requires only a wipe-down after use.

  • Easy to Operate Easy to clean

  • Non- Stick coated aluminum grill plate
  • Circuitous heating tube
  • Power on indicator
  • Stainless steel with coating wind shield and 2 trays
  • 4 heat resistant plastic feet
  • PP base
  • 4 Iron tube with coating 67cm stand legs
  • Thermostatic control (MIN/MAX)
  • Additional PP plastic frame to stabilize
Item Height: 85.00cm.
Item Length: 28.00cm.
Item Width: 93.00cm.

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