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Stove Fan


  • Save energy; No need for batteries or mains power, the fan works entirely from the heat produced by your stove
  • Quick and easy; This stove fan requires no installation, operates automatically from 50 degrees Celsius and circulates 130 – 150 cubic feet per minute
  • Innovate; Not only does this fan save you money, it is durable, extremely quiet and fits perfectly into any household
  • Safety feature; This stove fan comes with a safe carry handle to transport your product from room to room
  • Guarantee; Guaranteed for 24 months
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Maximise energy from your stove and reduce fuel consumption with this stove fan from Zennox. The stove fan is designed to circulate the warm air created by a stove and improve air circulation.

Warm your home quickly and efficiently with a little help from this cordless stove fan, helping to cut down on your fuel bill over winter. This eco-friendly stove fan has no running costs whatsoever as it uses the heat from your stove to generate the power it needs using a thermoelectric module that powers a fan motor and distributes warmth around the room in no time. The fan is silent in operation and automatically starts and runs faster as the temperature increases.

As the base of the fan heats up, the metal in the bottom of the unit warms along with a heat sensitive spring. At the same time the temperature of the different metals in the unit’s top surface is kept lower by the fan’s cooling fins. The greater the differential in temperature of the metals, the greater the electrical output meaning that your fan turns faster the more the stove heats up. The fan automatically starts up at just 50°C circulating warm air around the room and outputs between 130-150 CFM adjusting to the temperature in the room, spinning faster as the temperature rises.

Made from aluminium
Weighs 0.6 Kg
Dimensions: L14.5 x W9.5 x H22.5cm
Blade size: 15.5cm
Working temperature: 50 – 300°C
Children must always be supervised around the stove and stove fan

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