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Soothing Sounds Night Light


Relax to a choice of 20 realistic nature sounds and tranquil compositions. Incorporating a useful night light with breathing regulation feature, this portable solution is the ideal aid for insomnia or to help mask the effects of tinnitus.

  • Choice of 20 high quality sounds including 12 nature sounds, 6 white noises and 2 classical compositions.
  • Night light with slow pulsing option to regulate breathing and encourage relaxation.
  • Volume control and optional 3 stage timer.
  • USB rechargeable with up to a 30 hour run time from a 9 hour charge

Controlled breathing
Different emotions are associated with different patterns of breath, for example, regular, deep breaths when we are relaxed or short, shallow breaths when we are stressed. Research shows that altering your pattern of breath can stimulate the corresponding emotions.
The night light on this sound machine can be set to gently pulse to help you achieve regular, deep breaths to encourage relaxation and sleep.

Nature sounds therapy
In 2017, a study at the University of Sussex showed that playing natural sounds can affect the bodily system that controls the flight-or-fright response, encouraging relaxation and reducing the physiological reaction to stress.
The tranquil nature sounds and white noise of our soothing sounds night light help to promote a calm mood and deepen relaxation.

Respite from tinnitus
Tinnitus is a ringing or other noise in the ears that is not caused by external sounds. It is a common problem affecting 15% to 20% of people, particularly older adults, and can impact sleep and concentration.
Playing white noise or nature sounds can help to mask the effects of tinnitus, giving a welcome break from the condition.

Fall risk at night-time

Falls are a leading cause of injury for the elderly and the risk of a fall increases significantly in the dark. Eyesight often worsens with age and it can be more difficult for the eyes to adjust to lower levels of light as night time falls.

The risks of any fall can be reduced by making some simple changes, such as:

  • Minimising trip hazards such as rugs, objects left of the floor or even small pets.
  • Avoiding uneven or slippery surfaces, particularly wet floors in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Installing handrails and grab bars to provide something to hold onto.
  • Ensuring the correct lighting is installed in living spaces, not too dim to see nor too bright to causes glare.

Night lights offer an excellent solution to the problem of lighting. Such devices provide the right level of light and often have the benefit of automatically turning on and off to save energy.

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