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MYCHILL™ PLUS is all natural and uses very little energy. It’s a simple case of add water and turn it on. Featuring 3 speeds, an adjustable vent, and Clean Tank Technology to protect the tank from mould and mildew. MYCHILL™ is the perfect cooler for your personal space and the best alternative to air conditioning.
The PAC-35 model creates a 2m cooling area, lowering the temperature of your personal space by up to 8’C.

Sleek and compact design
The perfect fit for your bedside table and countertop surfaces, the MYCHILL™ design is future-proof. With a replaceable cooling cartridge and refillable tank, it’s chilled and low maintenance – like all appliances should be.
Clean tank technology
The cooling cartridge creates an intense cooling feel by providing more surface area for water to evaporate from. Replaceable and environmentally friendly, the cooling cartridge protects the tank from a build-up of mould and mildew.
How it works
Hot air is drawn into the MYCHILL™ Personal Space Cooler, passes through the cooling cartridge (where the evaporation takes place) and delivers comfortably cooled air into your personal space.
Key features:
Cools your space by up to 7’C (12’F)
Environmentally friendly air conditioning alternative
Uses no Ozone depleting refrigerants
Energy-saving with very low energy consumption
1.2m (4 foot) cooling area
PAC-35 ONLY: 3 speeds and adjustable louvre

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