Deluxe Circulation Pro


Boost circulation to your lower limbs and feet with Circulation Pro


Increases blood flow to your feet and lower limbs
25 modes mimic various massage techniques
Remote control from the comfort of your chair
TENS and infra-red technology

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Stimulates pressure points on your feet and helps ease pain
Deluxe Circulation Pro combines transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and deep heat infra-red treatment. Small electrical pulses are delivered through two large foot pads stimulating contraction of the foot and calf muscles, helping boost blood flow to your feet and lower limbs.
This Deluxe model includes four TENS gel pads to allow specific areas to be targeted such as lower back, shoulders, arms and neck. Easy to use with a clear LED control panel and remote control. Mains adaptor.
Tested to EU Medical Standards to ensure safety.

Circulation Pro

1. This product should not be used by patients without prior consultation and prescription obtained from their general practitioner or doctor with implanted medical devices, like a cardiac pacemaker.

2. Please note that patients connecting to high frequency surgical equipment, may have an effect on this machine. Please consult and follow your doctor or general practitioner instructions at all times.

3. Do not operate in close proximity (e.g. 1m) to a shortwave or microwave therapy equipment. Failing to follow this instructions, may impair and make the stimulators’ output unstable.

4. Please note the following conditions and seek medical advice: tumours, chronic or serious diseases, serious heart diseases, mentally unstable or any mental condition and pregnant women.

5. Please do not allow the electrode pads to become in contact with any metal substances or surfaces like a watch, necklace or another metal component whilst in use.

6. Please ensure that your body and skin are clear before using the electrode pads.

7. Please do not use the machine in wet conditions such as in the bathroom or kitchen.

8. Please do not sit,stand or jump on the unit. Do not let it fall on the floor and do not throw.

9. Please stop its use immediately if you feel any discomfort, nausea or vomiting whilst using it.

10. Do not apply the electrode pads near the thorax which may increase the risk atrial fibrillation.

11. Do not store or operate the device outside the instructed environmental conditions as this may impair its functionality and the device can be damaged.

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