Low-Calorie Slim Easy Pasta, Noodles and Rice – 12 pack

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Eat your way Slim. Closely resembling the consistency and bite of typical rice, all products within our Slim Easy range contain GMO free organic Konjac flour (also known as glucomannan) from the ancient South East Asian organic Konjac plant. Grown across China and Japan for centuries, it's a filling, fibrous and completely natural solution to support a low calorie diet without denying yourself the foods you like.


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Made from all-natural organic Konjac flour and organic oat fibre (Juroat™), Slim Rice® is an alternative that lets you savour your favourite rice dishes whilst keeping you on track for dietary success.
The net weight of this product is 270g; it is 200g when drained.
Just 9 calories and 0g carbs per 100g serving
Gluten, fat and sugar free
High absorbency for fuller flavour

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