SAD Light Pod


The Lifemax Light Pod is a simple design and quite compact, it will fit on any desk, can be taken to work and is light weight. It is mains powered and has an adaptor that can be unplugged from the back of the unit, here there is also a on off switch. At the rear is also a fold out stand to help keep it upright, although I find it stands up fine without this.
n the front is the lamp itself, it uses two mini flourescent tubes, you can see them winding round the from when you switch it on. There are two settings to this, or two brightnesses as it is said on the box, basically there is a switch that allow you to have one of two of the tubes on. The lamp is split into two mini fluorescent tubes, one on the left and one of the right, you cannot see them unless on, there is a switch that allows you to have just the left light on, or the right light on, or when set in the middle lights up both tubes for maximum brightness.


In terms of brightness the manufacturers website says “The lux level is 14,000 at 2.5cm or 6,300 at 7.5cm distance (full power)”. Full power is having both the tubes lit up.

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Brings near daylight to your work area – SAVE €30.00
This simple to use portable light box has two brightness levels. It uses blue spectrum light tubes to simulate natural daylight and brings near daylight inside whilst you work or relax.
As the nights get darker, Light Pod helps to combat the winter blues.
Measuring 20x12x4cms, it is compact, light and portable so you can use it anywhere at home or in the office.
Mains operated.

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